Another way of getting it done...

This blog started off with a couple of quick easy posts, since it was the holidays I was keen to get as much on here as I could. Now that the school term has started I'm not sure when or how often I will find the time to post on here.

Anyway my reason for my post today is because I have had such a great day with my students using the technology we have left after yet another burgulary. To cut a long story short I don't have a projector to use anymore.

We made do showing videos using our xtendas and all pressing play at the same time, I haven't done that for a long time! We are in the middle of a unit called 'Getting Around' that is foused on maritime history and exploration. I wanted to show the children what it would be like if a boat they were on sunk. So we watched this video using the method described above. It went perfectly. I didn't think I'd be able to sort out a way of showing all the videos I had found over the holidays but this works just as well as having a projector.

We played a paper based scenario game in the afternoon and the children loved it. Feeling like a bit of a dork pays off when you see their faces light up :).