First Post

Well after my welcome this will be my first post to my new blog. I intend to post ideas here that I'm using or planning to use in my classroom.

So lets get to it...

I've been working on Digital / E - Portfolios for the last two years with mixed success. Somethig I have found really powerful for the children I have taugtht recently is video, they love being in front of the camera. We've done videos on their oral presentations or speeches, group projects, them playing music during a music lesson.

We've also done term by term reflections using PMI as a starting point. It is interesting to see them really think about what they have achieved over the last ten weeks, and well worth a trial in any classroom. Towards the end of each term we (student, teacher and parents) set goals according to areas of need with each student. I use the SMART method to help them to set goals that can actually be achieved rather than just I'm going to improve my reading. When we relfect at the end of the term the children' s goals often become their focus, they usually mention what goals they would like to work on and how they are going to work on them next term.