Excited about learning

I introduced my class to Tutpup this week in the hope that they might find something to engage them a little more in their basic facts learning. Basic facts seems to be one of the biggest things that are preventing the children moving from stage 5 to stage 6 when looking at them from the point of view of the numeracy project.

Well I can say with a huge smile on my face the Tutpup was a great success, the children spent almost all of their free computer time (before school and supervised lunch eating) playing the games and challenging each other to get better scores. I know that sometimes we shy away from creating competition in the classroom but this is one competition that I think was worth it.
One of the girls played it until she was at the top of the New Zealand table today, and proudly announced this to the class during lunchtime. Her classmates gave a round of applause and made plans to go onto the site when they get home tonight.

We have focused on the mathematics area of the site but there are also word based games and I believe a geography game in the pipeline.

I'll keep you posted on how the competition progresses.