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If you're like me you visit a website and think ooohh I could use that for... and then chuck it in your bookmarks in the hope that when that ... comes along you'll be able to access it again.  I've had the misfortune of having a few computer crashes over the years and loosing all those precious bookmarks.  So lately I've been trying out a few new ways of keeping them safe...

Delcious: been around for a while now and well worth a look all bookmarks are kept in date order and searchable through tags you have added when you place the bookmarks. 

Simplybox: looks like a relatively new kid on the block where you can actually select sections of a website to boxes and then organise the boxes into containers.  I thought it was a pretty cool little ap, unfortunately it doesn't work for chrome yet.

There are hundreds of others out there I'm sure.. I'll let you know if I try any others in the near future.  For now if you're into trying things out here's a pretty extensive list of social bookmarking sites from Wikipedia.  

If you're interested in the sites I've bookmarked recently I've put a section in my sidebar that links to delicious or visit my delicious site


  1. i'm not quite sure how i did it (maybe it was some connection between firefox and delicious) but everytime i add a bookmark (apple+d or ctl+d) it adds it to delicious

    which makes it the best thing since sliced bread because i have two laptops and now it doesn't matter which laptop i'm on when i'm bookmarking - and i can find my bookmarks from any computer as well (and share them too)

    practising my new found commitment to commenting on blog posts!


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