Kerpoof! This is cool...

My class had a new favourite website.... most of them spent a good part of the day creating their own digital version of this narratives.  What a fantastic site!  If you haven't managed to get here yet... TRY IT NOW.  There are so many different applications for this website in the classroom.  It's free to sign up for a teachers account, takes about 24 hours to activate then you're ready to go. 

Here is a great video I found on youtube from the founder, talking you through some of the fantastic features of the site

Today the children in my room and another classroom that joined us created a mind map using inspriation to plan their narrative then logged in with their new student accounts and created a movie to go with their mind map.  This was a taster activity and turned out great, most of them were able to complete a movie that detailed everything they had planned in their mindmap.  Then once they had finished their movie they were able to save it.  These should be approved within the next few days so we'll jump back on to the site on Monday and have a look at everyone's movies, we'll also do some evaluation together and hand out gold stars in small groups to the movies we thought were the best.


  1. My kids are just being introduced to Kerpoof at the moment - i created accounts for them and told them they would be able to use them untill start of school next year (when i get another class) - but i might just let them keep on with their accounts - especially if their new teachers don't use it.

    It's great and with no instruction from me at all several of my 8 year old girls created a movie the first time they went on the site.


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