Not another crazy frog!

I loved crazy frog, I'm one of those people that can listen to those really irritating songs over and over again.  I remember being one of the only people who loved the peanut butter nutter add that sanitarium put out 10-15 years ago.  I've just been searching you tube for a few Claymation examples to talk about with the children in my class and came across this video.  Very similar to crazy frog but even more repetitive.  I wonder if it will catch on...?

I visited the website and noted that you can send the annoying video in an e-card.  I've been talking to my class about internet safety today, we watched another episode of Hectors World it's amazing how much trust children place in the websites they're visiting.  This one is a prime example no security just give me your email address and you're friends email address... wonder what they plan to do with those.  We had an in depth discussion about Mooshi Monsters as scholzone has recently blocked this site, we talked about how we can't really be sure the person we are talking to is who we think they are.  We also talked about how much they enjoy Mooshi Monsters and how often they visit the site. More on how that's going later :)