Reading Comprehension

Wouldn't we all love to have our children actually comprehend what they have just read in their reading group? I have been struggling with this over the past term but have found a few interesting resources to use that might engage a few more children in the process...

Firstly Into The Book, a great little American website that works through some of the most important comprehension strategies children need to have. I've found this site fantastic as it even has videos of children using the strategies (in the teacher's section). I've shared a few of these with my class and they have not only enjoyed the great American accent but have engaged with the strategy when we practiced it afterwards. They are starting to use the language of comprehension and even looking at using more than one strategy at once WAHOOOO!!

Secondly we've been really lucky to have the great expertise of Alison Davis on site. We had a very challenging session with her earlier this year and have all been fortunate enough to receive a copy of her book. If you get the chance to read it go for it... many fantastic ideas and a really in depth look at what it is to teach comprehension to children.

Thirdly I've challenged my children to use their vocabulary to fill in the blanks with cloze activities I've made using the Hot Potatoes program. This little gem of a program also makes crosswords, quizzes and a few other neat little activities that I haven't used very much of yet ... but I will :)
Any other ideas about comprehension would be greatly appreciated please add them as comments to this post.