Write Anywhere & Recognise Ink - Mimio

Yahoo, I'm finally getting the hang of the write anywhere tool that comes with the Mimio software - Mimio Notebook. I love this tool!

If you haven't used it before it's basically a quick and simple way to change your writing into typed text. Very useful when you're adding things into something other than Mimio notebook (when you're in Mimio notebook you can use recognise ink to change your writing into text).

Today we used it to add examples to our table in a word document we were working on. It meant I could write just like a would with a whiteboard marker and just like magic write anywhere changed my writing into text and put it into our table. The children thought it was fantastic!

Recognise ink in the tools section of Mimio Notebook is also fantastic, the children in my class have been using it in our roll call file to change the names they have written into typed text. It's very powerful because difficult to read handwriting becomes difficult to read typed text - it will come up with symbols and jumbled letters.

If you're looking for info on Mimio try these websites: