ICT News - Useful?

This year I've taken on the role of being Teacher in Charge of ICT at our school. It has been a reasonably steep learning curve as I've had to get to grips with being in charge of a budget and being the go to person when something goes wrong with any of our ICT equipment. I've also had to learn to deal with managing problems and ensuring those that really are urgent get solved first. My management degree and systems experience has definitely come in handing over the course of the last three terms.

One of the things I've tried to implement this year is a regular ICT News bulletin that includes useful links, passwords, and short how to guides. I've also tried to introduce a variety of web based tools for use in our computer suite and within classrooms. The comments from staff have been very positive which is fantastic I'm glad I can help to inspire in some small way. Now I'm looking at how to improve the bulletin, however this is difficult as we all know teachers are busy people and being able to take time out to evaluate something is difficult as there are so many important things that we need to get done. Anyway I'm going to try to get a bit more feedback on the bulletin and see what I can do to improve it.

Here are a few picture examples of what I put in the previous bi-monthly bulletin. I'd be really appreciative of any feedback you can give me!