Wiki Journals

We've had a very busy term so far and only a week until our Junk to Funk show ARGH!

The children have really enjoyed using our wikispace as a journal to record the process they have been through to make their artworks. They have all been making a piece of wearable art out of junk. I started off by taking photos each time we did anything with our Junk to Funk topic so we built up quite a few photos.

The last two weeks however the children have taken over asking to use the camera and taking their own photos to add to their journals. They have really started thinking about what kind of photos they are taking and how they are going to make them more interesting.

Having a wikispace means they are able to work on their journals at home as well, it's a welcome change to get an email saying *** has edited their journal and reading the little updates they've made at home. I can't wait to start sharing the journals with our year 1-2 buddy class over the next two weeks.

At the moment we've locked up our wiki until we get a bit more of a handle on using.  I'm hoping to unlock a few pages and give parents and families access to more of the work the children have put on the page.  So watch this space.... !!