Marvin --- Much Fun!

Well I've finally set a bit of time aside from doing my last assignment to play with Marvin.  I have had a great fun becoming a kid again and making the characters do all sorts of werid and wonderful things.  I'll be testing out the program with my class on Tuesday as a bit of treat after they have sat their PAT test.  I think it'll have to be something that we use with our buddy class to create a review of the year and definately something we show off in assembly to our wider community. 

If you haven't had a chace to play yet, give it a go, there are many easy to follow tutorials available for download.  I managed to create my own background image using Art Rage and my own voice using Audacity.

Here is my first attempt at making a little video I'm going to add to it and use it to introudce our class topic on Tuesday...

I'll post more complex examples as I create them.