ULearn Notes - Breakout 1,2,3, Monday Keynote

As promised here are my notes from ULearn 09.  My battery tended to run out by the end of the keynote or even before we got to the keynote hence some of the notes being in pen & paper versions rather than digital.  I used my tablet laptop and inspiration where I could to write my notes in a mind map sort of form.  I haven't used inspiration extensively before, I found it useful to write my notes rather than type them and the ability to move them around within the mindmap made it easier to organise and link my thoughts together.

Martyn Weatherhill - Nine in 90 The Best E-Learning Tools in 10 Minutes or Less - Breakout 1

I used onenote to record my notes for this breakout.  I didn't write a lot as we were given a CD with all of the information we needed on it.  I really enjoyed this breakout and the software that Martyn chose to introduce us to.  I'll definately be looking into a few of them for schoolwide installation.

photo mosaics

Andrea Tele'a - Authentic Presenters for an Authentic Audience! - Breakout 2

I didn't take any notes on this one, we were involved in making an episode of Ulearn news and went through lots of the things that Pt England do to create their television show and news broadcast.

Showcase for the Future - Mutiple Presenters


Gary Stager - 9 Things To Do With a Computer - Keynote Monday