4 Weeks Since Ulearn --- What's happened so far?

Well as always happens the fourth term seems to be one of the busiest for me. I hit the ground running, literally around school getting organised to leave for camp by 8.45am on Monday Day 1 Term 4. Camp was fantastic by the way a real experience for many of our children that haven't had the opportunity to really challenge themselves in the outdoors.

So what have I done since Ulearn....

1. I've tried out new web 2.0 tools for publishing writing including Marvin

2. Looked carefully at how the topic/theme this term is structured in my classroom

3. Asked the children in my class about what they want to learn in regards to our topic

4. Had fun! Enjoyed some great days with children that weren't planned, didn't relate to our theme/topic, had nothing to do with standards or testing but turned out to be the best days we've had as a class.... we had a look at some great websites and had fun teaching each other how they worked. Shared. learnt.

5. Enjoyed listening, looking, investigating, learning as a teacher via twitter, blogs and other contacts I made during Ulearn.

6. Listened to Gary Stager's Ten things to do with a laptop presentation again and vowed to continue to do more REAL THINGS.