Getting on board with Mac.

I've always been a proud PC girl and never really ventured into the world of Mac's.. well now I have to! I have shifted jobs and am now part of a fantastic Mac based school.

I've been pleasantly surprised, I was expecting to have to forgo many of my loved PC applications and change me work flow dramatically to fit into the mac environment but I haven't had to. I can still do much of the usual day to day activities I would have done I my PC.

I am however still annoyed that the government hasn't supported schools with Macs by ensuring they to have the latest Microsoft software available to them. I know that many people out there are adverse to using Microsoft products especially on a Mac however I still believe office has it's place inside and outside the classroom. I would dearly love to have the latest version of office Mac but this doesn't look possible with the high cost of having to license machines ourselves rather than grabbing the PC licenses from the government like PC based schools can. I have used the great free products similar to Microsoft office but still find Microsoft office a better fit, probably because it's what I'm used to.

I have enjoyed getting to know another system and have managed to pick things up reasonably quickly to the point where I tried to command/apple Q chrome on my home PC the other day! For those of you that have made a similar change to mac here are a few useful sites I've come across that answer simple questions you may have when transferring....

Mac for Beginners
Switch 101
Switching to Mac

I'm sure there are many more great sites out there please feel free to add them in your comments. I'd love to hear about others experiences with the Mac and will keep you updated as to the gems I find inside this well oiled machine.