Active Activboard ---- It's Arrived

"what's that Miss?"  "it's an Activboard" "can we touch it?" "who put it there?" "I think it does the tv thing" "no look it does her laptop too" "does it turn off?" "it's soft look"

I managed to explain what the board was for and even turn it on during our first day back this term.  I had 21 year two children focused, engaged and willing to participate in what we were doing.  I introduced the board by showing them a flipchart I'd made about our topic this term - Superheroes Lost in Space.  We started our KWL by brainstorming what we already knew about space, this was helped along by the great introduction assembly the teachers put on to start the new term.  The children enjoyed the photos of themselves I'd added into the flipchart.  We took superhero photos last term so I'd used the snapshot tool to make them fly through the flipchart.

Day two involved using another part of the same flip chart to get the children asking questions and thinking about all things related to space.  I'd made a treasure chest and 'put' it on the moon.  The children could retrieve things from the treasure chest and then talk with a buddy about what they'd retrieved.  A simple idea but a very engaging one.  I used similar flipcharts for mathematics where we looked at halves and how to halve groups of objects.

I'm really looking forward to continuing to integrate the board into my classroom program.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to demonstrate the dual pen function so that the board will work a little better with small groups of children.

I'll keep posting details of what I'm doing with the board in my room as time permits so keep watching this space.  I'll also paste links to any flipcharts I upload.