Reggio Approach Part 2

We've started the term with some great intentions on following this approach and I've really enjoyed the professional discussions our team has had over the last two weeks around how it's going to look in our classrooms.  Here's a few of the things I've been mulling over....

  • What happens to core subjects - reading, writing, maths 
    • We still teach them and move them around so that they are based on theme/topic as much as possible 
    • They are still our core business so we can't just leave them out
  • When do we find the time to demonstrate/model project based learning and fit in core subjects
    • At the moment I've got a seperate project time that's outside of reading, writing and maths 
    • Hoping to change this so that it's more integrated into reading, writing and mathematics time rather than a seperate thing
  • When children aren't at a point of reading or writing effectively what do you do for their independent projects?
    • Teacher scaffolding of children is very important 
    • Baby steps i'ts not going to happen overnight
    • They can participate in finding answers / information about their questions using key words 
    • They can listen to the information and pick out key ideas and phrases 
    • They can watch the information using video clips and presentations 
    • They can take photos of the concept or information to help to demonstrate their understanding