Activboard Training

We've just had our second training session on our new Activboards and it went really well. It was good to go through the basics again as like anything the first time round doesn't always lead to knowing what to do when you eventually get to use the tool.

Some of the things I'm looking forward to trying in my room is the dual pen option, having two children at the board rather than one will make it even more useful in my classroom program. I'm also looking forward to using the Shark Attack flipchart we downloaded.

Starting out on the Activboard or any new technology for that matter can be a bit daunting but I've found the Activtips secion of Promethean planet really helpful for learning new things. The free professional development tutorials are also really useful when you're first starting. It would be a good to get a few more videos up that are free to download especially things like a tour of the toolbox. Perhaps Promethean has this in the pipeline.