During the second week of this term all of our staff participated in the SwimSafe professional development program. This was a chance for all of us to experience the techniques used to teach children how to swim. There were a few nervous looks as we got into the pool to try things out for ourselves after a classroom session that looked a bit like dead ants trying to escape from some sort of crazy threat :)

Our facilitator was great, she put our minds at ease and took us through the things we need to do with the children in the pool. It was great to have the chance to experience what children experience when we're trying to instruct them. It was also good to put a few more ideas under our belts with what to do with those non-swimmers and what to do when we can't get to the pool - yes you can still teach techniques outside the pool, to be practiced inside the pool at a later date of course.

We were also given a CD with all the modules in pdf format so we've got them handy when we need them. A great day had by all and I'm definately more confident about teaching children water confidence and eventually how to swim (I teach year 2-3, so a few aren't at the 'swimming' stage yet).

Further information on this program is here.