ICT - Rowandale News - Sue West

Rowandale News has now broadcast it's first 3 episodes at our weekly assemblies, the year 6 children have been fantastic at putting their mark on the broadcast. We've had so much fun interviewing children and teachers around the school. We've also showcased our classrooms in both the High Flyers (Senior School) and Busy Bees (Junior School). We've also had some great conversations about how to improve what we're doing including looking carefully at sound, using still images and video in interviews and starting to think about different camera angles.

We haven't yet published our news to the internet but we're looking at putting it up soon so check back to find the link to our news sites.

Sue west has been a great part of getting our news program up and running with lots of advice and suggestions for improving the program we're running.  A few of the children in the team have worked with Sue to improve their ability to edit the video and still images that are coming into the news room.  We're aiming to get to a point where the children own the broadcast and the teachers are there to unlock the news room, provide the equipment and help to troubleshoot if things go terribly wrong (we don't need to do this often as the children usually do it themselves).  We're also there to learn from the children since they pick up tricks and tips far more easily that we ever will :).

Here's the planning document we use to help us to plan what's happening each week:

We also use a number of timetables to show the children what equipment and classrooms are available for them to work in.