ICT - Sue West - Staff Meeting

Another great staff meeting bought to you by Sue West. What a great day, I've worked with Sue today and the Rowandale News Team to continue to develop our news within our school. We've also been able to work with Sue this afternoon in a staff meeting. Continuing to develop on the experiences we had at our Retreat in January.

I've created an Inspiration map from what we did in the staff meeting....

I really liked using ietherpad I think it would be a fantastic tool to use during a staff meeting or professional development session to share notes and ideas all at once, of course it can get very interesting and fairly competitive when you have a group of teachers who want their post to be the one at the top :).

I think it's also a great spot to collaborate with another classroom next door or across the world! I'm sure there are hundreds of other uses for ietherpad these are just a few we thought of.

Once again thanks has to go to Sue for her ability to introduce us to some easy to use tools for our classrooms and to give people the experience of using these tools. They're also simple tools that don't require lots of learning before you can start using them of course the learning that went on while we were using them was fantastic and is definitely something that can be transferred to a classroom full of children rather than adults.