Digital Kids


What a great video, what a challenge!

Have you seen this yet...?

I really enjoyed watching this, although it's American it got me thinking about what is possible here in NZ.  We're discussing our theme for next term next week and I definately have a few ideas for this that should challenge us to get our kids into the digital world.  

I think too often as teachers we get bogged down on the having to learn how to read, write and do maths and we forget how much more powerful this learning is when it's linked to a purpose.  What if we made a movie, wrote a book, developed a game, create a showcase for our school, invited guests into our school to experience us (with the Rugby World Cup on its way to NZ this is definately an option).

So true "We have to stop thinking ... what if something goes wrong, what if one thing goes wrong"  " We have to stop thinking we have all the answers because we don't have all the answers noone has all the answers"

A few other ideas I took from this video....
Technology isn't the be all and end all, the process, the colaboration, the power of ownership by children of their education is what counts.  Technology is one of the amazing tools that can give children that ownership.

Wouldn't it be cool if we had a place where school isn't about the job you're going to have but somewhere where everyone gets to have the opportunity to develop new knowledge, skills, colaborate and be part of society.  A place where school develops people who are too intelligent for the current jobs out there, but where new jobs are created where those people can make life even better for all of us.