Term 1 Reflection

Managed to get through 11 weeks now time to relax with friends by traveling the country can't wait! But before I do time to reflect a little on what's happened this year....
We use our school values to give us headings for reflection they are - consistency, respect, integrity and persistence. 

I've created a video that shows the things I've reflected on under each heading.

- I've worked hard to keep regular hours and to be around for people to work with me both asking for guidance and for planning together.
- I've introduced Google Docs, Calendar and have created an ICT issues form for all staff to use.  This has helped me to be more organised personally and allows me to let others know what's happening.
- I've continued to remain open to learning especially through twitter.
- I've experienced my first term of team teaching and have really enjoyed it!  It's great to have someone else to bounce ideas off and it's made it much easier for both of us to run a classroom as well as our extra management responsibilities.

- I think it's really important to ensure everyone has the chance to relax and rest.  I know that I need to focus on this more next term especially leaving work at work rather than taking it home.
- I've worked hard with the PRTs I help to mentor ensuring that they are aware of what our expectations are and trying to ensure they have the resources they need
- Celebrating success is something that I've encouraged others to do and have taken a bit more time to do myself this term as well.  I think it's still something I need to keep working on.

I feel I've worked hard to continue to develop strategies for helping students who we feel we aren’t getting through to.
I've tried to be persistent with ICT systems ensuring they are followed.  In light of unsatisfactory record keeping from previous years I've been demanding paper work be sorted out through google docs and ensuring  that I've been keeping records up to date.

I've been working hard to keep computers up to date where possible, so that teachers have the resources they need to integrate ICT into the classroom.  I've continued to upgrade teacher laptops and ensure new and innovative software is installed. 
This term of tried to ensure PRTs are actioning details placed in meetings, that the both understand and implement what we've agreed on.
I tell it like it is, I've attempted to ensure the information teachers especially PRTs need is at their fingertips and that it's easy to understand.  I think I still need to work on this especially ensuring it's available in a digital format so that it can be accessed wherever it's needed.