Teaching wasn't my first career choice, however today reminded me
again why I changed careers to be a teacher. When I can take a
running record and be pretty much leaping around the classroom with
excitement afterwards I can't argue with my choice.

We're busy testing at the moment a sometimes trying time but one that
is very rewarding in our class. Today even more so as I took another
running record with one of our struggling readers and realised that
yes we could put him up another level! That's two in a week. A feat
we were beginning to think wouldn't happen.

So, it's time to celebrate! The teachers, teacher aides, student
teachers and family that have worked with this child all deserve to
celebrate! It's an amazing feeling that I know many teachers including
me don't take the time to just be in. Well I'm going to tonight, for
once, even if it's just a blog post it's probably more than I usually
take the time to do when a child reaches a milestone we've been
working on for a while.

Here's to children and their ability to make your day just by being themselves.


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