Children's Leadership Presentation - Your Thoughts?

I'm about to attend a leadership camp with our house leaders and the leadership team (children).  I am presenting for about 20 minutes on the topic "you are what you think"  I would love to hear your thoughts and share them as part of the presentation if possible. 

If you are able and willing please leave a comment on this post.  I'm looking for things like
- examples of when thinking you can do something helped you to do it
- goals you've set and achieved and how you did it
- affirmations you might use
- how positive thinking helps you
- anything else you think might work with this presentation.

At the moment I'm thinking about producing a video with our schools leadership team and maybe doing a bit of role play during the presentation with a few of the other teachers at the camp.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)


  1. I can't help but turn to this inspiring talk by Adora Svitak.

    As for me I once decided that I just had to run the Auckland half marathon. I found having being part of a group in terms of both a running group for training and having my parents cheer me on helped me achieve my goal. Running is definitely not an individual sport!

  2. Thought leadership is the language of our time. I consider the thinking that my class, colleagues and self engage in define the outcomes of our learning. I want to encourage our future leaders to create problems as well as solve them - never be afraid to challenge another idea and think for yourself!

  3. what about inspiration from the leaders in my school? The year 6 leaders from my school could make a short video explaining what they do, what inspires them and what they think makes a great leader - what are the key things you want your kids to get out of this?


  4. that would be fantastic if you could do that Craig. Would love to have another prospective on it :)

    key ideas are that they need to think positively, set goals and strive for what they want.


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