Numeracy in Parent Speak

We're quickly coming up to our Parent Teacher conferences and as with previous years our school gives out information that will help parents to both understand and help their children with their learning.  This year I've re-done the numeracy information sheets we give to parents.  They aren't perfect yet and will probably go through a few tweaks before the final copy arrives that we give to parents.  As you can see Stage 6 isn't quite finished hopefully I'll get to that tonight.  I'd love so feedback on them, feel free to leave comments.

Numeracy Parent Information Booklets

If you would like a more user friendly copy please  leave a comment below with twitter or email address and I'll be in touch. 


  1. These booklets look like they are coming along nicely. It's a shame that the higher you go through the levels the more difficult it is for parents to help, hence the explanations become more wordy. You are doing a great job here.

  2. Thanks, it is difficult to explain especially stage 6 - 7. In the past it has been easier to hold an info night and show the parents as well as give out booklets like these. I think the best way for parents to help is real life problems and also knowledge practice so the usual times tables and add sub facts. After that it eally is a case of developing breadth so working on real life situations is best.


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