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Activboard Staff Meeting

We're in to our second Activboard Staff meeting for the year this afternoon.  This year we have booked two sessions with ActivboardNZ trainers.  Today's session was a science based theme with ideas around dual pens, containers and other science activities.

Ideas from the session:
  • Who's the winner 
    • game based on pulling objects up to make the one in the middle
    • using dual pens so both students can compete
  • Ideas from staff
    • Connect 4
    • Speed Tests
    • Pictionary or drawing competitions
  • Using templates already built in to Activinspire to have Flipcharts setup already
  • Embed HTML
    • Only available on websites that have embed code available 
  • Using Promethean Planet
    • Searching using search term and then sorting by most downloaded or most recent to get more useful flipcharts
    • Searching planet before creating Flipcharts
  • Science Learning Hub
    • Use for science resources 
    • Great images and videos 
    • created for NZ curriculum
  • Using labels
    • Use to introduce what parts of objects are called
      • Labels show when children hover over part of an object
    • Pictorial stories 
      • Labels can be used to change pictures into words
    • Use labels to test/practice
      • Labels can be used to self check words/parts they have dragged into the place they think is correct 
  • How to add labels
    • Can only be added to individual items
      • Can use rectangles on top of parts of pictures and make them invisible
    • View property browser once you are clicked on the object 
    • Scroll down to label
    • Change/add to suit your needs
    • Where it says behaviour - change to tool tip
  • Creating Containers
    • Two types of containers - specific object and keywords
    • Make containers large!
    • Add objects you want to put into containers
    • Select container and then property browser
    • Add keywords by pressing browse button 
    • use one letter rather than whole word
    • use page reset rather than dragging back to prevent issues with return if not contained
  • Ideas to self check
    • Locking pictures
    • Magic Ink