Day 1 of 20 Days to Tech - Tastic - Morning Activities

Day 1

Are you ready to accept the 20 Days to Tech-Tastic technology challenge? If you're keen you can find more details here.

Day 1 is all about setting up morning activities.  Of course these can be both tech and non-tech but we're doing a technology challenge so ... what you can do to get the best out of the technology available in your classroom before the bell goes at 9am?

Here are a few ideas I jotted down for morning routines in your classroom.

When I had my own class I found the time before the first bell to be great for getting tech ready for the day and squeezing in a few little things we just couldn't get done during the day.

I took time to train a few of my early bird students on how to complete each of our morning activity, this meant I was free to continue with other setup around the classroom and it also gave these students a bit of a leadership role.  I kept the tasks really simple and built on them throughout the year.

Todays challenge is to get some activities in place that will help you to use tech throughout the day and to give you students a chance to use tech independently before the bell goes.  If you're students are already using tech before the bell goes what else could they be doing?  Is it relevant to the rest of the learning for the day?  How could you improve it?  I've just started researching into the SAMR model maybe you could apply this to how you already use tech in the morning.

Here's a quick video explaining what the SAMR model is...

Please add a comment to this post about what you've achieved, I'm sure you have great ways of getting tech into your morning that I haven't listed here.  I'd love to hear your ideas and I'm sure others would too.

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