Day 2 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - Memories

Day 2

If you would like to follow along with my 20 Days to Tech-Tastic teacher technology challenge click here for more details.

Yesterday we looked at creating morning activities to put the tech in your classroom to good use before the bell goes.  I've added a Flipchart to the 20 Days folder on Google Drive called Beginning of Day. It's one of the Flipcharts I used in a year 2-3 classroom.    

Do you remember what you did when you were at primary school?  I still have a few memories the most vivid ones are those I have photos for there aren't too many photos of me at primary school.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to remember more of what you experienced, how you changed from one year to the next?

Today's challenge is all about creating memories for you and your class. There are hundreds of ways you could do this and I'm not about to list them all.  Here are just a few that I thought would be useful ….

This Ted talk is worth having a look at as well as the accompanying website.  I've only just stumbled across it.

The Website associated with this talk is here

What about creating a Padlet wall that records what you've learnt today.  As students learn something throughout the day they go to a device and record what they've learnt.  They can attach any web resource to their post.

Photo of the day
You could create an online version of a photo a day scrapbook using a picasa or flickr album or another photo sharing app.  Other teachers I know have nominated a photographer each day that is in charge of recording learning using the class digital camera, at the end of the day they choose a photo and this is printed out and placed in a scrapbook.

End of Day tweet / Facebook status / Blog update
Nominate a child or group of children to record what they've learnt today and add it to your class blog or create a tweet using the class twitter account.  You can add your twitter feed to the class blog.  If your school has their own Facebook account perhaps you could arrange to update the status at the end of the day to include what students have learnt.  Maybe your class could be responsible for collecting a couple of snipers from different classes each day and adding them to the Facebook page?

Just like the start of the day use that last five minutes when you're packing up to get some end of the day tech in.  Nominate different children each day or week to be responsible for some of the above.

Please remember to post a comment on your progress for todays challenge.  Any other ideas you have about creating memories would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to link back to blog posts you've made in your comment.