Day 3 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic Rewind

Day 3 Rewind
Following on from yesterday, today's challenge looks at being able to rewind student learning. The idea is that without tech rewinding learning is limited to whatever you've written down during a lesson, with tech you can replay everything that was said during the lesson as well as seeing what was written down.  There are plenty of different ways of recording learning so that students can revisit it, I've detailed a few below...

Screen Recorders:
Activinspire has one of these built in, why not try turning it on for part of a lesson.  Maybe you could…. record a brainstorming session? A problem solving session in maths? or perhaps a handwriting lesson?  

Here is a Youtube clip I found that explains how to use this feature in Activinspire.

Other apps that do similar things are:
For Mac...
- Quicktime
Open quicktime and select file then new screen recording.  From there you can select an area of the screen to record.  

For Windows...
-   CamStudio
I haven't personally used this app very much but from what I've heard it works fine. 

Digital Modelling Books
Another great way to record learning is to use digital modelling books.  You could use an iPad and an app like penultimate to record your working while going through a maths strategy with students. Since penultimate syncs with Evernote you could also share this learning with the class, group or individuals Evernote account (you can also share an Evernote notebook with someone who doesn't have an Evernote account).  

If you're using a piece of writing or reading an article you can enhance a digital modelling book by checking out the Skitch app that will let you annotate pretty much any picture of file you like.  You could then add this to your Evernote notebook as well.

I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to create and share a digital modelling book, if you know of any please comment on this post and share your experiences.   

Don't forget you can also use things like the Reflector app to record iPad screens :)