Day 4 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - All in One Place

Day 4 All in One Place
How are you finding the challenge?  Is it useful?  Please add a comment to any of the posts letting me know what's been helpful / not helpful.  

It's really easy with tech especially what you and you students create online to have 10-15 different tools you use regularly and therefore 10-15 different websites to visit with 10-15 different usernames and passwords. Some students find it hard enough remembering where they put their sweatshirt and shoes, there is noway they're going to remember all those different web addresses.  So todays challenge is to get all of those tools into one place.  Like the previous 3 challenges and those to come there are many different ways you could do this I've just listed a few below:

- Free (if you want to make a page public however it will cost $1 to verify it)
- Forum space behind each page
- powerful
- private and/or public spaces

Here are some examples of how I've used Wikispaces before:
Junk to Funk Journals
Most of this wiki is out of action now but you can get the idea from visiting some of the students journals. 

Year 2-3 Wikispace 
The links to outside websites haven't been updated on here but you can get the idea from looking through the pages

Year 2 Wikispace
Another one that's now out of date but you can get the idea form the blogs that I've added to the page.  

These wikis all use Glogster , it's a great way to make things look good fairly easily.  Also great for children to create posters on a variety of topics.  There's quite a strong education community as well with plenty of examples and resources .  Check it out, might be useful for other areas of your classroom as well, you could start with the video tutorials 

Here's details of what a Wiki is in plain English 

Jacqui Sharp created a great wiki site about how to get started using Wikis and Blogs here
Jacqui has published a wealth of information online including a great blog about ICT Teaching and Learning here .  I really enjoy Jacqui's approach to tech as it's simple and easy to understand.  She's published plenty of hard copy resources as well, her main site is here  

Google Sites
- Free
- Powerful
- Integrates with Google apps
- private
- different levels of sharing 

The google sites I currently use are restricted to our teaching staff only, therefore require a login.  We currently use them for reporting issues with technology and making learning and behaviour referrals both via a google form.  I'm in the process of making a Google site for our Google Drive docs to make it easier to find what you're looking for.  We use Google Drive extensively as teachers, not so much with our students yet.

I stumbled upon this technology challenge a few days ago about building a Google Site, if Google Sites are something your school wants to get into have a chat to your ICT technician or teacher in charge of ICT and request the resources that go along with this challenge.  I've requested them for our school and I'm currently in the process of setting up a template for them.  Hopefully I'll be able to update this post with details about that soon.  You can access most of the information without needed the other resources.  Specific tutorials about Google Sites are here.

- Free
- Blog in the same place as site 

Here are some examples of how I've used blogger before:  Most of these blogs are now out of action so a few things have been removed from them but you can get the general idea.
Year 2-3 Students:
STARS - Super Thinkers At Rowandale School 
- Class Blog 
- Travel Buddy Blog and  

Year 2 Students 
- Travel Buddy Blog 

Year 4-5 Students:
- Class Blog 
- Writing Blog
- Travel Buddy Blog  

Please remember to comment on how the challenge is going for you.