Day 5 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - Reading To

Day 5 Reading To
A short and sweet post today....everyone loves hearing stories, children especially.  Sitting down and reading a book to a child can't ever be replaced by technology.  However there are a few great apps and websites that can enhance the listening experience.  Today's challenge is about getting more out of reading to your class by using technology.  

Here are a few ideas to help you to do that:

ActivinspireGet a student or students (if you have dual pen capabilities) to record a mind map of the story.  You could pause after each chapter and reflect on what you've learnt about character, setting, problem etc.   This mind map can continue to be added to as you move through the story.  I wouldn't make it a huge thing just a few ideas jotted down after you finished your read to for the day.  At the end of the story you can share this map via your class blog. 

I've done a non-tech version of this where the students used felt pens and paper to record their own mind map about what they were hearing.  There are some great YouTube videos on how to mindmap. 

Why not try a few of these websites for a different read to experience:

This website holds many mp3's for various traditional and non-traditional stories.  Download a few and print the words to go along with them.  

The Screen actors guild have recorded actors reading children's stories, some really great stories to listen to here! 

Why not read some of these stories to your class, you could display them on your IWB if you have one 

Story Place

Dust Echos
Aboriginal stories, something quite different to what we tend to read to our classes, well worth a look some great resources to go with each story as well.  

Please comment on what you're doing to integrate tech into your read to sessions each day.  If you have any other great sites that you've come across please share them in your comment.   

Tech-Tastic challenges take a break over the weekend so you've got a few days to catch up on those that you haven't tried yet and a chance to share what you've been up to.  Please feel free to go back through the challenges and share via the comments space.  I'll be back with Day 6's challenge on Monday.