Day 6 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic Maths Warm Up

Apologies this post is a few days late... more catch up posts coming soon! 

Day 6 Maths Warm up
Wahoo!  We've made it through the first week of our 20 day tech challenge!  
Today's challenge is all about Maths… We're starting simple by looking at your warm up or headwork or both, basically how you start off your maths lesson using tech.  

In the past I've created a file using IWB software and loaded this onto all the computers in the classroom as soon as the bell rung after morning tea (this is when I did maths) the students new to come straight in and get on with the activities on that file.  

There was a wide range of activities available to them.  Students were responsible for recording which ones they completed each day.  The IWB I had at the time was a Mimio the file is in the folder I created for this challenge on Google Drive.  I've also used similar warmups with ActivInspire they're in the folder as well.  

Of course you could just add a page to your wikispace, blog or Google Site with links to the activities you want your students to do.  You could also create a learning path if you're in New Zealand using the Digistore Learning objects (more about these later on in the challenge). 

Another type of quick warm up I found useful was creating quick fire basic facts challenges using Power Point. I've added a few examples to the Google Drive folder.  But here's one I've uploaded to slideshare that you can take a peak at...

When I used this as as Power Point folder each of the orange boxes disappeared with a sound to count down about 5-6 seconds. I also added sound files of my voice reading out each question before the countdown began.  This took a while to setup, however it became a great resource both in and outside the classroom and really helped to improve the student's basic facts knowledge.   I only used the facts that students were ready for this is on the higher end, not all students in the class were able to complete this test.

I've also made use of the hundreds of maths videos on YouTube especially the counting ones for younger students this one drove us nuts but worked ....

We also created a version with number words rather than just the digits.

If you're lucky enough to have a subscription to Mathletics then this would probably be a useful alternative to this kind of warm up if you have a 1:1 classroom as each student can have activities easily tailored to their needs.  An alternative to Mathletics is StudyLadder where you can setup accounts for each student and assign specific activities to them.  This was usually one or two of the options linked to my warm up files. 

The idea of have a warm up or headwork already in place is that the students aren't waiting for instructions they know exactly what to do and can get on with it.  This leaves you with a few minutes to check on individual students and make sure they're coping with the warm up.

I'd love to hear your ideas on how else you conduct a maths warmup/headwork session.  Please add a comment to this post.