Day 8 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - Connect

Finally up to date again... here's today's quick challenge :) 

Connecting with others is not only useful in terms of learning but it's exciting.  Learning about and getting to know other people is a rewarding experience and one I've found motivates even the most reluctant students in a classroom.  Today's challenge is to look at how your classroom connects.  How do you share the learning you're doing with the outside world? Not just your student's parents and families but the wider community, country and even further afield.  Think about what you're currently learning, how could you enhance this by connecting with experts? other classrooms? other teachers? ….?

Here are just a few ideas on how you can start to build connections:

Great for getting in touch with other classes and teachers.  There's also the option of participating in a project or two. 

Check out this list of NZ teachers and facilitators on Twitter.  There's also a great list of schools and classes on Twitter as well.

Use the comments4kids hash tag on Twitter to help find other blogs to connect with and to publicise your class blog.  The blog that is associated with Comments4Kids is here.

Plenty of schools are now on Facebook, another way to get your learning out there into the world.  

Original website is here there's also a group setup on the VLN for QuadBlogging if you're keen to find another few classes to work with.

A safe alternative to things like Facebook, great for creating a social network within and outside your classroom.  Plenty of schools using this great resource.

Have fun making new connections!  Please remember to comment on how you're going.