Day 9 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - Listening Post

When I planned out the 20 day challenge I grabbed a bunch of differnt ways I'd used tech in my classroom and dumped them into a list.  Listening post was one of these ideas however I think it needs to be extended a bit.  So today's challenge needs to be a little more than just creating a listening post why not have a look at how you use audio throughout the school day both inside and outside your classroom?

I've collected lots of ideas below that I hope will be useful in infusing some tech into the way you use audio in your class....

Listening Post 
I'm sure you've seen the old style rather expensive listening posts, these are great for sharing audio with a small group of students that doesn't disrupt the whole class.  I've also used the Belkin Rockstars in a similar way.  You could use a listening post to:

  • Listen to journal stories (audio for many is provided by MOE in New Zealand)
  • Listen to stories recorded by other children in the class or school or your blogging buddies
  • Listen and participate in a basic facts challenge
  • Listen to and create something using instructions recorded by teacher and/or other children

If you haven't already discovered Tom Barretts interesting ways you need to pay a visit to this site.  It's a great resource hosted and collated by Tom with a whole range of ideas contributed from teachers all over the world.  The presentation created about audio in the classroom is here.

If you're not sure what it is check out this video...

Allanah King produces fantastic easy to follow resources on her blogs an wikispaces here are a couple I found on podcasting and using different audio apps...
- Podcasting Wikispace
- Audioboo

You could use a podcast to:

  • Announce and celebrate great learning achievements on your blog
  • Create your own radio station
  • Interview members of your classroom, experts, other teachers
I hope you're enjoying the challenge.  Please let me know via a comment on this post if you have any other ideas about using audio in your classroom.