Day 10 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - Thinking Buddy

Finally have a few spare minutes to get some more up on my blog.  I've been a bit slack on keeping up with this challenge but I promise I will get 20 days worth up sooner or later!

Here's Day 10 ...

A thinking buddy is something that I first heard about from Karen Boyes, I can't actually remember what the name of the course I went to was, but I do remember thinking it was a great idea.  The idea came originally from Adrian Rennie I believe.  Anyway a thinking buddy is usually a soft toy in the classroom that is able to 'think' using the Habits of Mind.  Children go to this thinking buddy to help them to use their habits.

Many people have different variations of a thinking buddy or a class mascot or just a few class soft toys.  These don't usually have much to do with technology in your classroom, although I've seen a few that do!  Your challenge today is to think about how you can integrate your thinking buddy or class mascot or whatever toys your class associates with into technology in your classroom. Here are a few ideas on how you could do that (I've already mentioned some of these in previous posts)....

Thinking Buddy Blog
Why not create a blog especially for your class thinking buddy.  This blog could have thoughts on it each day from your thinking buddy, photos of your thinking buddy adventures, celebrations you thinking buddy has been part of or....?  Lots of possibilities here.

Once you've got a blog up and running why not send your thinking buddy on a few adventures.  Maybe the thinking buddy could:

  • Go on holiday
  • Visit another classroom
  • Be principal for a day
  • Interview an expert related to current learning
  • Meet a new group of friends 
  • .... 
If you wanted to your thinking buddy could visit a child's home each night, sometimes it's better to send home another buddy for this just in case it gets lost, although I've never actually had one get lost.  If possible children could add a few photos to the blog of the buddy's adventures at home or they could draw and take photos of the buddy while they had it at school for the day.  

What other great inventions have you come up with for your thinking buddy?  Please share via a comment on this post.