Day 11 of 20 Days to Tech-Tastic - Digital Citizenship

There are plenty of definitions out there of what it means to be a digital citizen, I'm sure you've seen a few of them before.  Here's the definition of what a digital citizen is from NetSafe here in New Zealand...

A digital citizen
  • is a confident and capable user of ICT
  • uses technologies to participate in educational, cultural, and economic activities
  • uses and develops critical thinking skills in cyberspace
  • is literate in the language, symbols, and texts of digital technologies
  • is aware of ICT challenges and can manage them effectively
  • uses ICT to relate to others in positive, meaningful ways
  • demonstrates honesty and integrity and ethical behaviour in their use of ICT 
  • respects the concepts of privacy and freedom of speech in a digital world 
  • contributes and actively promotes the values of digital citizenship

So why would I put Digital Citizenship or Cybersafety into a tech challenge for teachers?
I've learnt from experience that children don't understand how what they do in the digital world impacts their physical world unless they've had a bad experience like text bullying or something similar.  I've also learnt that many adults don't always think about the consequences their digital experiences have on their physical experiences.  I believe if we're going to work with children in a digital environment that we have a responsibility to teach them how to stay safe in that environment.  I also think it's important to help children to realise that what they do online impacts what happens offline.

I think it's important to taylor digital citizenship education to your situation and your student's situation. I've listed a whole lot of resources you might use and your challenge for today is to evaluate how you currently teach digital citizenship if you do or to look at incorporating digital citizenship into your classroom if you don't already teach it.

Here are the resources:

Netsafe NZ 
- Hectors World 
Great for younger students, animated cartoons about different cybersafety topics.  Includes printable resources and lesson plans for each episode.
- My LGP
LGP = Learning Guide Protect.  A huge wealth of knoweldge called 'bits' on all aspects of digital citizenship.
- Netsafe Kit for Schools
Aimed specifically at schools a great resource to get your school up to date on Cybersaftey matters.
- 9 Themes of Digital Citizenship
Part of myLGP here are the 9 themes of digital citizenship explained.

iPad/iPod apps 
- Professor Garfield Cyberbullying
Professor Garfiled looks at Cyberbullying.  There are also a few more on online safety, fact vs opinion and forms of media.

- Digital Citizenship Videos Blog post
- Think Be for you 
- Thats not Cool
- Net Smart Kids

As always I'd love to hear what you're up to with Digital Citizenship please comment on this post.