Day 13 of 20 Days to Tech Tastic - Post on the Go

Hopefully you've been inspired at some point this year to setup your own classroom blog and you're happily posting to it via a desktop computers.  One of the really powerful things you can do with a blog is record learning in real time and with the improvements in blogging apps you can now do this from any Android, Windows, or iOS device.  Here are a few of the apps I find useful for posting on the go..

This has to be the best app for getting everything together in one place.  A premium account makes things a lot easier.  You can create notes when you don't have an internet connection and then sync them once you're connected.  I use this app to jot down good ideas for blog posts and link in websites, videos, photos, drawings, mind maps that will go with the post. 

The standard blogger app works really well for making a quick photo and text post.  It's really easy to use and gets things up and onto your blog super quick.  A good one to have on a class trip.  This is a free app.
Blogger for android
Blogger for iOS

A bit more functionality than the blogger app, but you pay for it.  Allows you to enter posts on different blogs, add video, pictures, location etc.  Well worth the money if you're going to be using your blog and posting on the go quite a bit.
Blogpress for iOS

There are plenty of other blogging on the go apps out there, why not try a few of them?

So your challenge for today - simple really make a few blog posts on the go - no laptop, no desktop just your phone, ipad or other tablet.

Please comment if you've given it a go with a link to your post.