Day 18 of 20 Days to Tech Tastic - PLN

Have you ever had a question about where to go next with a particular student, class or topic?  Have you asked people you worked with and still thought there must be a better way?  Have you tried something that has worked really well with your students and wanted to share that success with others?  

A PLN or Personal Learning Network is great for answers to all of these questions. 

Here's a great youtube video that explains what a PLN is ...

Your challenge today is to begin creating your own PLN.  If you've already started a PLN why not have a go at added a few more useful people to your network or posting something amazing that you've done recently.

If you're a New Zealand educator you might like to start by following these people using Twitter.  Feel free to add your name to the list once you've opened your own Tiwtter account.

We even have our own educator chat via Twitter, why not join in for the next chat ... have a look at the website here. 

There are lots of different ways to view Twitter, I find Hootsuite works for me as I can use it on my phone, ipad and laptop.

Others like to use TweetDeck