Googly Goodness - Administrator Workflow

I didn't go to the South Island GAFE summit that has just finished but I did follow along via Twitter and Google Plus.  What a great conference.. impressive!

One of the many great things that I got out of following all the links, quotes, pictures, videos etc that were Tweeted was how to improve my ability to deal with email.  As anyone in administration, management, leadership knows email can creep up on you very quickly.

One of the links posted was to Rob Clarke's presentation on taming your email
I had a quick read through this and really liked the YouTube video posted explaining priority inbox.

I've used priority inbox since it first came out and it's brilliant.... however I still have thousands... yes thousands of emails in my inbox... so I needed a bit more.

Another link popped up about using Boomerang (also mentioned in Rob's presentation), this came through as one of the presentations on Chrome extensions... what a great little app.

Check out their website, here's the Chrome Store link to install it
This is fantastic, I don't always have time to reply to an email when I open it and then often forget about replying.  Boomerang brings to back at a specified time and date so you can reply at a more convenient time and you wont forget to reply.

Another great link posted - the email game, a fun way to continue to get rid of the emails in your inbox.  I might have to introduce this to the management team next week and see who can clear the most email in one session.

Here's a video explaining it

Here's the Chrome store link

I've already played this a few times to get rid of the enormous number of emails in my inbox... I'm getting there.  I'll make another celebratory post when I've managed to empty it.

There were plenty of other great things to come out of the GAFE summit these are just a few that I have already found useful.

There's another summit next week in Auckland, as well as a bootcamp.  I'm very excited about attending the bootcamp, unfortunately I can't make the summit as well but I'll definitely be following as much as I can on Twitter again.