Google Teacher Academy ... maybe?

I've applied to attend the Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View and Atlanta.  This is the video I created as part of the application process:

I'd be extremely grateful if I was selected to go and will grab the opportunity with both hands.

That wouldn't be the only great thing to come out of applying.  I've been checking out the competition, although I don't think you can really call it competition since I've learnt so much from it.  I've really enjoyed thinking about what I do and seeing what others do both inside and outside their classrooms.  There are some very very talented teachers out there that do amazing things everyday.  I've watched lots of the GTA videos and would recommend others do to.

Check out some of their videos, these are just a few of them, there are plenty more on YouTube (I've just added the links to them on YouTube rather than embedding them here).

UPDATE: Thanks to Caren Macconell  (@carenmac) has tweeted out a list of all the GTA applicants and added many of the videos to it.  As I'm typing this many of the GTA applicants are adding their videos to the list.  What a great resource!

David Saunders
Jamison Luke
Jeanne Reed
Natalie O'Neil

Through this process I've also added many educators to my PLN, extended my use of Google Plus and looked closely at a few more hash tags including #gafesummit, #googlect, and of course the academy hash tags #gtaatl and #gtamtv

The other great thing to come out of looking into this process and going to the trainers bootcamp is the purchase of a Chromebook.  More about that in another post, but I will say I love it!


  1. Super sweet post! Thank you very much for including me. You're too kind.


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