What's a Computer scientist?

I wasn't able to make it to #educampAKL this year but as usual the twitter feed was a wealth of information one such piece was the creation of a Google + code club for teachers wahoo! If you haven't discovered it yet, it's here

Anyhow, I decided this might be great so joined up and started the first mission, loved it!  I'm really looking forward to sharing it with students over the coming weeks.  The resource we're using for the missions is code.org and it illustrates really well all the different skills students need for computer science.  I'm concerned that students aren't getting enough of these skills in our everyday programs and want to look into the best way of developing these further.

so ... watch this space... more to come on my coding adventures.

In the meantime here's the intro video from code.org to get you excited enough to join in with our teacher coding missions!