#edchatnz Blogging Meme

Thank you Janna Brewster (@jannabrewsterNZ) for the tag in the #edchatNZ Blogging Meme!

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1. How did you attend the #edchatnz Conference? (Face 2 Face, followed online or didn't)
I was lucky enough to go to both days Face to Face, what an awesome conference and managed to catch a few tweets online too.

2. How many others attended from your school or organisation?
Just me, I managed to get a ticket early on and wanted to bring a few more along but we missed out on more tickets as we were a bit late getting organised :(.

3.How many #edchatnz challenges did you complete?
I'm pretty sure I didn't complete very many however I really enjoyed the chance to meet a few people from the primary and secondary sector as well as getting to know a teacher in training.  

4. Who are 3 people that you connected with and what did you learn from them?
Loved hearing from Reid (@reidhns1) about #kidsedchatnz hopefully I can move a few things around so that we can get a few of our classes participating at some stage this term!

Kerry (@kiwipod) one of the first people I meet at the start of the conference, was great to hear about a secondary school perspective and chat about moving forward once we were back at school.

Connecting with Janna (@jannabrewster), a teacher to be, still studying, was great to hear about her journey into the teacher arena and to see that we have passionate teachers coming through the system! Was great to chat about her aspirations as a teacher and share in a few chats about what she's going to do in her own classroom.

5. What session are you gutted that you missed?
There are so many, I would have loved to have split myself in quarters and attended four sessions in each block!  Having the twitter feed and great resources that Alyx has put together though have helped to catch up on a few sessions I missed.

6. Who is one person that you would like to have taken to #edchatnz and what key thing would they have learned?
I would love to have taken a couple of teachers from the ICT team, to introduce them to a few more lone nuts and re-excite their passion for not just using tools but pushing education boundaries beyond the daily grind of reading, writing and maths.

7. Is there a person you didn't get to meet/chat with (F2F/online) that you wished you had? Why?
I would have loved to have more of a chat with Peggy Sheehy (@peggysheehy) as I'm intrigued by here work on gaming in education. 
Also would have loved to catch up with other #gtasyd applicants, really enjoyed watching all the applications, here's hoping we get to meet up at #gtasyd :).

8. What is the next book you are going to read and why?
At the moment it'll be books/articles related to my study at the Mind Lab, I'm looking forward to taking a peek at the #edubookchat once I get through a bit more of the work related to study.

9. What is one thing you plan to do to continue the Education Revolution you learned about at #edchatnz?
Continuing to make teachers aware of changing the way they teach to suit the students in their class and not getting hung up on the tools, rather using the right tools for the job. Continuing to push sharing students learning and our blog challenges and perhaps looking into creating badges for teachers that they can earn for professional development and sharing their learning.

10. Will you take a risk and hand your students a blank canvas?
I'm looking into taking a risk with the year 5/6 class I work in one day a week and looking at spending time in other classes across the school during the rest of my week... watch this space... 

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