Google Teacher Academy First Thoughts

A bit of a review .....

G for Goosebumps arriving at Google in Sydney and getting my name badge for the two days. Seeing Team Black Sheep and the rest of our GTA cohort face to face!

O for Onwards and Upwards diving straight into our Moonshot ideas and starting to formulate them into something that we can achieve rather than a bunch of notes

O for Oh so Awesome hearing from our mentors and getting to know about what others had thought about in terms of their moonshots, gathering in like minded groups, talking about completely re-designing school in the HackSchool group.

G for Great Food enjoying a bite to eat and taking in the sun and views of Sydney, talking further and making more connections over lunch with the inspiring educators that are part of the GTASydney cohort

L for Liking the Wow! being inspired by entrepreneurs and looking at putting the practice into classrooms. Thinking about how my Moonshot is going to make a difference and working with Team Black Sheep to make that a reality.

E for Excitement that I hope isn't going to stop. I'm still buzzing about the great connections and things I learnt while at GTA. Although my brain will be hurting for probably the next ten days I'm so happy I got to experience the Design thinking process in a real context and challenge my thinking about what is possible with a group of educators.

T for Time to challenge and think about something that isn't usually possible in the day to day operations of school, students and family. I feel very blessed to be given the time to be challenged and to really think about something that we can do to move education forward in our schools.

E for excellent mentors, educators, organisers, presenters, just the right mix of time to work with a team and time to listen to others inspirational stories. The great ideas that continue to be shared in our little connected communities and beyond and testament to a great two days.

A for Adventure that's only just begun, look out world here comes the GTA Sydney 2014 cohort... can't wait to continue to share our adventures online and in person.

C for Children that are going to benefit from the two days we've just had. It's great to think that they'll be touched by such fantastic teachers and will go on to change the world.

H for Happy that I get to share my experiences with my school and wider community working with teachers and my Moonshot and creating some magic with our students.

E for Exhausted time for a few days to process, spend time with family and relax my brain then get straight back into it!

R for Reflection and Refinement of my Prototype to get to achieving that Moonshot of mine. I've managed to share it with a few more people today and I'm looking forward to their feedback so I can continue to refine it into something really useful ....

Congratulations to everyone that is part of the GTA Sydney 2014 Cohort!
Especially Team Black Sheet!

Looking forward to continuing the journey with you!!


  1. What a great creative reflection Angela! I really enjoyed reading it. So glad you had an inspiring time at the GTA. Looking forward to seeing where the rocket ship takes you!



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