Leadership in Digital and Collaborative Learning - Assignment 1

Another assignment completed for my Postgrad certificate.  This one is looking at my leadership style.

I chose Servant Leadership.  The marker comments on this one included the fact that I hadn't linked my leadership style with what is required and beneficial in a classroom situation - I'd have to agree, I think this kind of leadership is really important in the classroom especially when you're working with students that perhaps don't have the opportunity to be coached, encouraged and to take control of their own learning outside of the classroom.  I think it's really important for students and teachers to feel empowered, cared for and part of the process rather than just having the process dictated to them.

I realise this kind of leadership also has it's downside, something I've evaluated in the next assignment for this course.  It's important to not make this the only way - although I think that's the case for any leadership style, we should be leading according to the situation rather than assuming one leadership style will be best for all situations.  I guess that's the case with any theory/style that is given though, it's not going to work for everyone in every situation.

I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the leadership style I'd chosen and am looking forward to submitting another evaluation based on the new learning we've done over the last few weeks.

Here's the video...