Who Am I?

This is an introductory post that I've created as part of the Applied Practice in Context paper I'm doing - the last one in the Mindlab Postgrad Certificate -  Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital & Collaborative Learning).

As my website stats:

I'm a mum, a wife and a teacher.

My passion is education and helping children to develop a love of learning.

I believe getting to know the learners in your classroom and school is the most important process a teacher can go through.  I believe it makes you as a teacher must more effective.  Further to that developing a relationship with your learners, figuring out what they like and don't like, ensuring you connect with them is the biggest part of a teachers job.

In saying that I also believe in the importance of teaching children to read to be able to write and complete basic maths.  However how this is taught isn't and should never be the same as how I was taught.  Each student and each classroom are different, reading, writing and maths teaching should be according to their needs.

I'm an ICT lead teacher, the use of technology throughout the teaching process is important to me, however I see technology as an everyday tool like a pen or a piece of paper, there is such a thing as the wrong tool for the job.