Our Treasures - with jetpacks!

Last year I embarked on a mapping project with a class of year 5 and 6 students to help them to become more aware of the treasures that are in their neighbourhood.

This year, after some intensive testing, playing, and creating over my summer break, we've put a few things together to create the ultimate treasure map and school tour...

Google Camera
This little beauty of an app allows you to take 360 degree photos anywhere! Check out the Google plus community  and Google Views for photos from around the world... you can sit back and experience pretty much anywhere in the world in glorious 360 degree views right from your arm chair.  Yes it's been around for a little while but have you thought about using it in the classroom?

Here's a few that I can share...

Google Maps
Have you checked out the 360 views on google street view recently?  You can now embed any of these into a website, blog post etc.  What a great way to showcase your neighbourhood, a class trip location a journey.... The other great thing is that you can have a wonder around street view in Google Cardboard - wahoo for VR and Street View!

Google Cardboard
If you haven't held one of these babies up to your face yet (don't worry everyone looks stupid doing it) then get on here and get one.  They're awesome... I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't think they're some kind of 'take you back to being an excited kid at Christmas, amazing, can't believe how simple it is device'

There available from quite a few places online now.. NZ teachers the cheapest and quickest I found is Trademe for around $8 each, however you get what you pay for.  The next best version and value for money has been Unofficial Cardboard a bit pricer and postage is a killer but more sturdy than the trademe versions.  Of course there are plenty of other providers out there, these are just the two I've had experience with.  

You really need to try Cardboard for yourself to get a good idea of just how awesome it is, but for now here's a quick intro into what it is and a 3d model to have a look at too...

Lots of great tools so what on earth would you use them for in the classroom... have a large amount of fun!!

I've been working with a group of students as mentioned above to create a school tour with these tools.  We're in the process of refining our tour and I'll release our prototype at the workshop I'm doing at the GAFE Summit North Island NZ 14 & 15 April watch this space...