Day 7 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Morning Statistics

Welcome to Day 7 of 20 Days to BlogTastic, we're looking at morning statistics today.  If you'd like more information about this training please click here.

I got this idea from a teacher at Rowandale - Michael Davidson.  Earlier this year Michael regularly posted a morning bar graph on his blog that his students have helped to create. Here's the link to this year's graphs.  

Morning Statistics
This activity is completed by the students as soon as they come into the classroom or while you're taking the roll.  There are plenty of things you could look at...
  • Calendar maths
    • Days of the week
    • Months of the year
    • Number of days at school so far
    • Number of days left in the week / term / year
    • Countdown to big events
  • Weather
    • Time
    • Rainfall
    • Temperature
    • Wind speed
    • Type of weather
    • Forecast 
  • Quick questions with bar graph
    • Opinions about news article 
    • Favourite things
    • This or that questions
    • Vote for story / type of activity / display 
  • Who's here / not here
    • attendance percentage for the class as a whole
    • total students
    • winning house
    • number of boys/girls
  • Today in history 
    • What, when, why, who, how 
  • Today's news headline
    • What's your opinion 
    This is taking that morning routine a step further and making it a bit more collaborative, parents, other teachers, other classrooms and the students themselves can comment about the statistics via the blog post.  It could also become a tumble activity to evaluate the statistics that were posted that morning by making a comment or adding another blog post with an evaluation.

    How To
    Here's how to setup a post that you can use as a template each day.

    Here's an Activinspire file I used with year twos, really simple as it was a start of the year one.

    Here's a Google Slide Deck with weather photos in it.

    Please feel free to add to, modify and remove parts of those files.  It would be great if you could share your class file with us in the comments section.

    Once you've created one of the documents above... 
    I took screenshots of the Activinspire file and then created a post with those pictures in it.  Then just used the template post as explained above.

    If you've chosen to use Google Slides here's a video that explains how to get them into a blog post.  With this option you might add slide to the top of the slide deck each day so that today's weather shows first.

    Here's how to add google slides to your blog post:

    Other Suggestions
    There are plenty of other ways you could display your statistics...

    • Use Piccollage (Anroid, iOs) app on iPad to take photos of the attendance numbers drawn on the whiteboard
    • Create a short PuppetPals (iPad) video that explains that statisics - use the statistics as a background or even a character
    • Take a screenshot of the summary of responses from a google form students have filled in at the start of the day
      • Save this as an image and upload it directly into your post

    Decide on which morning statistic/s you're going to post each day, post today's statistic/s. Work with your small group of students you chose yesterday and train them up to post tomorrow's statistics.  

    Make use of the template option explained above so your students and you aren't having to re-create the whole post each day, they're merely editing it to suit the day.

    Once you've made your post remember to put your blog address in the comments on this post so we can take a peek.

    Have you completed the challenge?
    Remember to update your challenge spreadsheet!  
    If you'd like to join the challenge please click here for more information
    See you tomorrow!


    1. I have used your idea of the weather statistics as my colleague and I only have 4 children in our class at present, brand new 5 year olds .....and I know together we can do this! Once again thanks so much!

      1. Awesome! Your five year olds will love it, I really like your 'fill your bucket idea'! I'll add a few more ideas over the coming weeks about making posting easier for students .. keep checking back :)

    2. We are using this post as a reflection when we get home from school. Today the younger child helped to do this post on

      1. Great idea Elise, I love the way you've got them to reflect on their day :)

    3. Had a year 6 make today's post, she enjoyed taking over and the other students thought it was cool.

      Angela for some silly reason I have unsubcribed myself from your emails, can you please put me back on, thanks.

      1. Great to hear your Year 6 student is loving the responsibility :). No problem you're back on the list.


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