Day 8 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Celebrating Success

Today is all about celebrating success and creating blog posts to go with it.  If you're keen to find out more about the 20 Days to BlogTastic please click here

Celebrating success in learning is something I feel strongly about.  I think it's really important to celebrate those things we've worked hard at, we've shown resilience to get to and persisted until the end.  I believe it's important to celebrate individual and group success.  

So what ways can we celebrate success on our class blogs?  Here are a few ideas...
  • Weekly certificate recipients 
  • Student of the week 
  • Moving up a reading, writing or maths level
  • Building understanding/skills in a rubric 
  • Getting to the next stage in a project
  • Finishing a project 
  • Maths warm up champions
  • Class Dojo winner for the day/week/term
  • Most correct questions on Skoolbo/Mathletics/Study Ladder
I'm sure you can think of other examples that would be specific to your classroom situation.  Here's a few links to celebration posts teachers have made this year:
Marvellous Meerkats share their certificate winners
Our Pasifika Blog celebrates winners for our language week challenges
Our Travelwise Blog shares our competition process and winners
Responsible Rhinos celebrating star writers

How To Post
Screenshots and webcam photos are the quickest and easiest ways to get these types of celebrations up onto your blog.

Screenshots / Screen Capture
This is useful for work that is online like Class Dojo points, Google Apps files, Points in an online game, Skoolbo certificates and other online achievements.

This website lists most of the different ways you can take a screenshot on most operating systems including tablets 

This website explains the different ways of taking screenshots in windows.

Webcam Photos / VideosTaking a photo with your webcam (the camera that's faces you in the screen of most laptops, tablets and some desktops) is really great for quickly getting a celebration onto your blog.

This video explains how to take a webcam shot that is added directly into your blog post:

Handing Over to Students
Once you've decided which celebrations you'll post create a few procedures to ensure you're not always the one having to take the photos and create the posts.  Day 6 included a video about adding authors to your blog here's that video again..

Give this opportunity to your students, or if you're teaching younger students get older students to help your students to complete the task in the morning before the day starts.

Your challenge today is to decide which celebrations you're going to publish each week.  If you have something to celebrate today create a post and publish it.  Otherwise look out for a celebration you can post by the end of the week.

Once you've posted your first celebration remember to add a link to your blog in the comments so we can take a peek.  Posting your blog address means others can pay you a visit and perhaps leave a comment for your students too.

Have you completed the challenge?
Remember to update your challenge spreadsheet!  
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See you tomorrow!


  1. Hi Angela, I can see a huge number of possibilities for a celebrations page if I had a class of children. For my blog I have created a celebrations page and then embedded a chart (using Google Sheets) of one child's Calcurace times. At this stage the numbers are made up because we hadn't recorded them, but as we update the chart the results will be more meaningful. I like how the student can update the chart and then once checked update the celebrations page at the end of the week. The celebrations page address is

  2. Hi Angela, this is something I have already started doing. Each fortnight we celebrate a star student from each class, the child receives a trophy and certificate. I take a picture of the child with these and then add them to the blog with a comment about why the child received the award. As my class continues to grow i know i will find more things to celebrate.

    1. Awesome that you're already celebrating Katherine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I will do this for my Star of the week

    1. Great idea to display your star of the week on your blog Deanna.


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