Day 17 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - QuadBlogging

Wow, we're into our last four challenges of the 20 Days to Blogtastic... 

A great source of inspiration, collaboration and connections for your learnings is to sign up for a QuadBlogging group.  Today is Day 17 of 20 Days to BlogTastic please click here if you'd like more information about this training.

Quadblogging involves you getting together with three other teachers and sharing your class blogs.  This starts off as a four week journey and often lasts much longer than that.  

Basically one blog from the group is the focus each week, the other three classes make a really big effort to read and comment on that blog each day.  The blog that is focused on makes a really big effort to post regularly during the week.  Then another blog is chosen.  You move through each blog in the group over the four weeks.

QuadBlogging Aotearoa (New Zealand Teachers)
The amazing Barbara Reid runs the Quadblogging Aoteraroa Group on our Virtual Learning Network here in New Zealand.  It's a great place for New Zealand classrooms to connect with each other through their blogs.  Here's the link to sign your class up, make sure you choose the appropriate year level.

Quadblogging The Original
This is the original Quadblogging activity.  You can use this site to sign up if you'd like to participate on a more international level.  Remember however that northern hemisphere teachers are likely to be on summer break for a few more weeks so you might not get too many responses before that's over. 

Quadblogging in your School/Team
Another option is to join up with a few other teachers in your school or team and participate in Quadblogging activities.  This is a great way to build awareness of other classes and what they're learning about.  It's also a great way to encourage each other to get those blog posts up.  You could also look at creating Quadblogging based on projects or topics or subjects if you're in a High School Environment - where a group of students and a teacher are involved in the Quadblogging group rather than a whole class.

Adding Quadblogs Links to your blog
Once you've got a Quadblog group make it easy for your students and you to access the blogs in your group.   You can do this by creating a blog list gadget on your blog. 

Here's a quick video that explains how to add a Blog List Gadget to your blog.

Decide on how you'd like to Quadblog and make it happen, you don't have to stick to the suggestions above.  The idea is to encourage your students to make give other students regular feedback and to receive feedback from others.  Remember to create a link gadget to the other blogs in your group.

Have you completed the challenge?
Remember to update your challenge spreadsheet!  
If you'd like to join the challenge please click here for more information


  1. Whilst this is not something we can do in our home environment, it is something I would love to implement in a classroom situation. The possibilities I would definitely consider implementing would be amongst all classes of the same year level in a larger school, or with buddy year levels. It could also be a great tool for the children to expand their cultural understandings in a LOTE class environment.


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