Day 19 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Further Post Ideas

Day 19 of 20 Days to BlogTastic explores a few more options for posting to your class blog.   If you'd like to know more about this training click here

Today is another chance to think about how your blog integrates into your classroom.  It's also a chance to look at creating a posting schedule for your students so they can take over your class blog, with you posting on a less frequent basis.  

Here is an example of a class blog post schedule...

Here's the link to make a copy of this google doc.

More Post Ideas
What you post on your classroom blog really depends on you and your classroom environment.  Think carefully about what you're going to use your blog for and what would benefit your users.  
Here are a few more ideas.. 

  • Provocations - plant a seed for future learning post a video, link to an article, photo, map, artefact that links to your next learning steps or that might spark an inquiry from your students
  • Competitions - Create a competition each week - simple like the first one to tell me what the title of the article on the second page of the newsletter in the comments gets... 
  • Leaderboard - update your blog community on who's leading your class Dojo points, Skoolbo, StudyLadder, Matheletics with most correct answers (rather than levels)
  • Gather research - add a google form to your blog post and get your readers opinions, ideas etc.  Google forms are great for analysis too (look at the summary of responses)
  • Start a collaborative story - post a link to a google doc and get your readers to add to the story (needs to be closely monitored obviously)
  • Story series - create a class character or use your mascot and blog a fiction or non-fiction story about them once a week remember to use a label so your readers to go back to previous episodes
  • Reviews - become toy testers and review the latest toys, food critics - review restaurants and other food outlets or your school lunches 
  • Guest blogger - interview teachers, classmates, visitors to the school 

Create your own class schedule of posts and start using it today, if you're keen to share post a link to the schedule you've created.  

Let us know if a comment on this post the kinds of things you've added to your schedule.

If some of the extra post ideas above sound like they'll work for your class give them a try over the next few days. Add any other ideas you've had for classroom blog posts to the comments section of this post. 

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See you tomorrow!


  1. I have copied your google doc ( thanks so much for sharing). We are still learning our way around our blogs (new entrants class only started this term) but we will use your idea of a schedule of posts in term 4.

    1. Great, glad it's useful. So awesome that you've got your New Entrants blogging!


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